3 Responses to “LOD: Koch-Pope-AFP Money Trail”

  1. wafranklin says:

    Dallas Woodhous is head of the Americans for the Prosperous, and in my view does what his masters tell him. The fiction that the AFP and AFP Foundation are seperate is a legal fiction, not unlike the personhood of corporations. Face it, NC legislature was purchased straight up in 2010 by some very wealthy people, including the Kochs, Art Pope (who runs AFP), Eschelman and Luddy.

    As for the crossover of monies from one entity to another, I strongly suspect that is easily arranged since all the same players are in the same box together. The accuracy of the video which so stings Woodhouse is apparent to anyone who has followed the whole thing and its arguments. The 2009 elections were bought! The Kochs and Pope, as well as as the Republican Rightwing contingent in the legislature want among other things, to close public schools and go to a system of vouchers for private schools and home schooling with zero accountability for the results. If you dont know the results, how can you complain. As for outputs from the Popes, the Locke Foundation and Civitas, in its several manifestations, are simply propaganda mills, very effective ones from what I read. But, they are simply that, nothing more despite their academic trappings and titles. And, most North Carolinians do not understand that, which Pope and friends are counting on.

    Glad to see Woodhouse and his buddies squealing like stuck pigs. They need to be taken down a whole bunch of notches. They dont care about good government, only what return on investment they can return to Pope, Eschelman and the Kochs.

  2. Frank Burns says:

    Apparantly there is nothing valid to this story. Why in the world are we so overly concerned with the Koch Brothers? Why is American Industry demonized by Democracy NC? We need to be promoting our industry to get people to work. Everything that I’ve seen from the Koch Brothers is positive.

    Look at the insidious damage from George Soros and his sneaky influence on the press. Everything that I see coming out of George Soros is destructive to our way of life. Why isn’t Democracy NC paying any attention to him? Oh, unless Soros contributes to Democracy NC, that is the only reason I could think of.

  3. Well, at least you try to get some facts straight, unlike the hack film makers. But Bob Hall, as someone who appears to know lots about irs law and campaign funding should know

    that Americans for Prosperity (C-4) and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation are separate organizations.

    Under Federal Law and Irs regulations that “$2.2 million through the Pope Foundation (C-3 charitable foundation) can’t go to “Americans for Prosperity” it must go to the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (also c-3) and could not be used to support or defeat legislation/bonds referendum. It also can’t be used to electioneering communications. (that is a c-4 purpose and can not be done with c-3 dollars.

    Same with the c-3 money from foundation in 2009.

    Bottom line, it is not legal or possible for the C-3 Pope Foundation to give money to c-4 AFP. The duties of defeating a bond referendum would have to be c-4 money