5 Responses to “LOD: The Big Lie About Voter ID”

  1. Joyce McCloy says:

    Frank Burns links to a report of “NAACP involvement with voter fraud” but what he doesn’t say is that it is about ABSENTEE BALLOT FRAUD.

    Something HB 351 does nothing about, and in its original form had made WORSE.

    Photo ID would do nothing to stop double voting, nothing at all.

  2. Joyce McCloy says:

    Photo ID is a scam that many fall for.

    I asked Rep David Lewis if lawmakers had any mechanism to validate the ID,the answer is no.

    The fact is, no state that requires photo ID (8 of them so far) has a mechanism to validate the ID.

    We would have to set up something like a national ID style database plus buy new equipment for every polling place, set up a system that doesn’t exist, and create an ID that doesn’t exist. IF you wanted to say you were validating the ID.

    Bottom line, a fake ID kit can be bought cheaply off of Ebay.

    Photo ID would only stop honest but poor people from voting.

  3. Carole Larivee says:

    As stated clearly above, H-351 would have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent the crime of voting twice. The alleged cheaters voted in their own names. The system works to prevent this type of fraud.

  4. Frank Burns says:

    Here’s a report of NAACP involvement with voter fraud as well as ACORN.


  5. Frank Burns says:

    In light of this report of voters voting twice, it sets off alarm bells wondering how many other people voted twice but were not caught. House Bill 862 seems more convoluted. It is much simpler and easier to just require each voter to show a photo ID. I think House Bill 351 is the better bill.