LOD: Break the Stranglehold

Stan Greenberg, the veteran strategist for Democratic candidates, has an important op-ed in the New York Times that says people are disgusted with government because it “operates by the wrong values and rules, for the wrong people and purposes. . . . Wall Street lobbyists govern, not Main Street voters.” This is the prevailing view across the board, from Tea Party reactionaries to left-of-center progressives. Then Greenberg provides a recipe for better leadership that includes tackling the corrupting influence of money in politics, special-interest spending, deficit reduction, immigration reform and more. Break the stranglehold of the wealthy lobbies and focus on rewarding responsibility.


2 Responses to “LOD: Break the Stranglehold”

  1. Jackon says:

    >>People who play by the rules, pay their taxes have been hurt by government decisions.<<

    And then there are the many incredibly rich people and corporations who pay no taxes at all, and who are now having every government policy skewed their way — system seems to be working just great for them.

  2. Frank Burns says:

    The author is very perceptive on the mood of citizens across this country. The government has been rewarding irresponsibility. People who play by the rules, pay their taxes have been hurt by government decisions. Failed companies who put us in this mess are being rewarded with bailouts, organizations that make hefty contributions are rewarded as well. Look at labor unions who get waivers from Obamacare just because they contribute all those dues to Democrats.