8 Responses to “Monday, April 11, 2011”

  1. wafranklin says:

    Burns, you ae simply an agent provocateur, or simply so dumb you believe everything on Fox and in all the rightwing nutjob websites, like Locke, Civitas, etc. What rock have you been hiding under. You have been misled to think that voting is like a commercial transaction — which to you is probably true since you were bought and paid for long ago–and not a simple right. Sorry but this must have awfully confused, you. But, you are eliciting reactions with rightwing tripe and lies, and I guess that satisfies you and whoever is paying you–and if you are not being paid, Pope or some other rich man should be rewarding you for your efforts at distortion, distraction and lies.

  2. alan says:

    Breitbart is NOT exposing fraud — he is COMMITTING fraud. Even the most rightwing organizations now acknowledge he is a hack who uses extreme editing to distort what really happened.

    if you are in any way a reasonable person who supports even a modicum of the truth, you will ignore Breitbart and hopes he goes away. In the meantime, ask yourself why so many people and groups are distancing themselves from him.

    • Frank Burns says:

      Can you site examples of his fraud? All I see him doing is using the words of who he investigates verbatim. Their own words are used to indict themselves. I saw the videos made on ACORN and could not believe that my taxes were going to that fraudulent organization. Sixty Minutes used to do the same thing when Mike Wallace was there.

  3. Leo Briere says:

    In the hope of saving some people some time, please be warned that BigGovernment.com, BigHollywood.com, BigJournalism.com and BigPeace.com are all websites of Andrew Breitbart — he of the infamous ACORN interview tape and the edited-to-mislead tape of Shirley Sherrod speaking at the NAACP convention. In light of the history of these two — either one being sufficient — shameful, destructive stunts, surely anything within a mile of Breitbart should be considered suspect and ideologically tainted. His ethics-impaired work makes a mockery of journalistic standards, and his low-life tactics damage the civil discourse. No BigGovernment story will have credibility until some site or publication run by grown-ups investigates it and corroborates it. In the meantime, I’m not drinking the bad milk.

  4. wafranklin says:

    This bill IS NOT designed to stop fraud, which does not exist, but to Intimidate and Suppress aged, minority, student and other voters who TEND to vote for Democrats! This is a reflection of the stupid paranoia which Republicans have managed to elicit from a totally misinformed public. As to felons, a favorite boogeyman (and of course they are all black and want to chase white women), they can vote as soon as they have no further obligation for incarceration, parole or remuneration relative to the felony for which they were convicted. I am sure some would like to make a felony a life time exclusion so they would not have consider the matter again. Americans for Prosperity, Locke, Civitas and others in the Republican pantheon of heroes have created and promoted a solution for a problem which does not in fact exist–for the purpose of political propaganda. Republican infatuation with vote suppression goes well back into the 1940s when a young lawyer in Phoenix, Rehnquist by name, got kicked out of polling place for intimidating voters. It was further enhanced by the switch of the Republicans to the more racist party as it adopted the terms of George Wallace and desire to continue literacy tests and poll taxes. This photo id business is simply to harass poor folks and give fodder to the tea party that now owns the Republicans. Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. Frank Burns says:

    I agree with this plan and there should be no compromises with regards to prevention of voter fraud. Should illegal aliens vote? Of course not, they’re not legal. This bill is intended to protect voters from those not entitled to vote due to being illegal, live in a different district or are convicted felons.