Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Following up yesterday’s post about the NC Republican’s quest to ban certain citizens from voting, here’s a marvelous account from the Institute for Southern Studies that unpacks the disturbing parallels between the Democrats’ anti-black, anti-poor Jim Crow laws of the early 20th Century and the Republicans’ voter suppression campaign of the early 21st Century. Highly recommended reading! (You may want to subscribe to the ISS’s Facing South blog while you’re on the site. Democracy NC is a spin off of a project that spun off from ISS about 15 years ago.)


One Response to “Tuesday, December 7, 2010”

  1. Frank Burns says:

    I disagree with Mr Hall. I think the legislature can solve the problem of not having a drivers license by revising the drivers license form somewhat and calling it a NC citizenship card which should be able to be made by the same people who run the drivers license offices. Making sure that a person is who they say they are is important to the voting process. We’ve seen several examples of voters fraud and there is no excuse for voter fraud any more with the technology available.