Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The NC Free Enterprise Foundation has analyzed the outside spending reported so far in the 2010 state legislative campaigns – over $2.3 million, with more than 90% spent to help Republican candidates for the NC General Assembly. A handy chart itemizes which of the front-group committees (e.g., Real Jobs NC) spent how much to benefit which candidate and political party. Losing Democratic Senators Joe Sam Queen and John Snow were each targeted with $265,000 worth of attack ads. Democratic House members Lorene Coates, Chris Heagarty, Hugh Holliman, Jimmy Love, Cullie Tarleton, Alice Underhill, and Jane Whilden were each defeated with $70,000 or more of outside spending. (None of these figures includes spending by the state Republican Party or candidates.) As the Institute for Southern Studies has documented, the major front groups operating in NC are all intimately tied to Art Pope of the Roses and Maxway department store chain. Pope is also the chief patron of the rightwing John Locke Foundation and Civitas Institute.


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