Friday, September 10, 2010

NC Congressmen Larry Kissell and Bobby Etheridge, both Democrats, will be blasted with $1.4 million worth of attack ads in the next month by the anti-government Americans for Job Security. Like many front groups designed to help a narrow segment of the super-rich, AJS uses emotional themes tied to fear, greed and insecurity to sway voters. The group pretends to care about jobs for Americans but it is bankrolled by job exporting corporations. Public Citizen filed a complaint with the IRS against its sham issue ads a few years ago, but now, after the Supreme Court’s ruling, AJS is free to raise corporate money and overtly advocate the defeat of its enemies. It joins an expanding galaxy of 527 committees, PACs, 501-c-6 trade associations (AJS is one, so is the US Chamber of Commerce) and other vehicles capitalizing on the Citizens United decision.


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