Monday, August 23, 2010

The 14 chemical companies that put the most residents in the US at risk from poisonous gas leaks or terrorist attack include JCI Jones’s Charlotte facility that manufactures and distributes chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other hazardous products. A new report by US PIRG says over 800,000 people live within the immediate danger zone around the JCI Jones’ Charlotte facility. The PIRG report details the lobbying and political contributions that the 14 companies and their trade associations have invested to fight proposals requiring chemical companies to assess their risks and shift to less dangerous processes where appropriate. The House-passed Chemical and Water Security Act (H.R. 2868) is stalled in the Senate, thanks in part to this investment which especially targets members of key Congressional committees. Other corporations on the list include Clorox, Dow, DuPont, and Honeywell. JCI Jones makes the list not because of its political spending, which doesn’t register in this report, but because it ranks third among corporations exposing the most people to poisonous gas leaks – 12 million people living around 11 facilities in the US. The report notes that if you think accidents don’t happen, think BP.


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