So hard to say GOODBYE!

Time really seems to fly when you are working hard! Especially for CHANGE! So now our internship is pretty much over and it is time to reflect on my summer with Democracy NC…

First, I have met many influential and inspirational people that believe in change and are out here trying actually change things! I had the opportunity to learn so much about the politics of NC because before this internship I was not the most civically engaged person. I have always been intrested in advocacy work but not so much in how to do something about the issues that I am passionate about.

Secondly, I have new experience in hosting events, fundraising, reaching out to the media and dealing with people more! I learned that organizing is all about the people because the people are who put these politicians into office.  However, I also saw first hand how some people just don’t care about the world around them or making a difference when we were out here phone banking, trying to get post cards signed etc.  Then there were the people who would surprise you and those who reached out to help when we needed it.  I learned skills from this intern that can help me on my future career endeavors and also in life.

Lastly, I got to work with some really great people.   Jackie always had my back as I had hers.  We worked it out and always got whatever needed to be done done.  Adam and Ashley are both great at what they do and I learned so much from them not just about organizing but about other things as well.  I also got to know the other organizers and interns as well.

Democracy Summer was a great experience for me.  I will miss everyone and always have the experiences and skills to remember.

Signing Out,



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