Souls to the Polls

“We are not the owners of creation, but its stewards, summoned by God to ‘watch over and care for it.’” – Genesis 2:15

The call to promote justice, compassion, and equality is one shared across many religions faiths. Engaging people of faith in the civic life of their communities helps fulfill that call.

Democracy North Carolina has been a resource for faith communities seeking to engage members in civic life. We are a nonpartisan organization that does not coordinate with political candidates or parties. We have helped congregations with voter registration drives, voter education efforts, get out the vote campaigns, issue campaigns and more.

In 2008, Democracy North Carolina joined the NC NAACP, General Baptist State Convention, AME Zion Church, Prince Hall Masons, Eastern Stars and hundreds of other congregations and civic groups in a Souls to the Polls Project to increase voter registration, voter education, get-out-the-vote efforts and voter protection initiatives across North Carolina.

Together, we helped 12 counties open polling sites on Sunday afternoons during Early Voting – and those hours turned out to have the most intense voter traffic during the entire Early Voting period. A total of 37,000 voters used Sunday voting. Souls to the Polls also mobilized people to vote on Saturdays and other days of the week.

In 2012, we are again partnering with civic groups and hundreds of congregations for a Souls to the Polls Project. To partner with us or for more information, please fill out this form and email it to Adam Sotak at You can also mail it to 1821 Green St. Durham, NC 27705 or fax to 919-286-6023.

Together, we can:

  • Register your members and staff to vote
  • Educate your congregation and staff about the mechanics of voting, election laws, and the candidates. Provide information about issues on the ballot using nonpartisan educational materials or events
  • Remind your members and staff about early voting dates and sites, organize rides to the polls, or organize a phone bank to urge your members to vote and encourage others to vote.

For an easy to follow guide on allowable ways faith organizations and other nonprofits can promote voter education and participation, please download our Election Year Guide for Faith-Based Communities . For a list of other voting related resources, visit our downloads page