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Op-ed: “NC voter ID law has become a dangerous farce”

Op-ed "How NC voter ID law has become a dangerous farce" originally published in the Raleigh News and Observer on January 27, 2016. Read full editorial here >> BY BOB HALL, DEMOCRACY NC In a matter of weeks, thousands of North Carolina voters will head to the polls unaware of what they’ll need to vote [...]

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Millionaires, Corporations, Lobbyists and General Assembly Elites Get New Power

Statement from Bob Hall, Executive Director, Democracy North Carolina, September 25, 2015 The bill that changes the date of the 2016 primary election includes an unrelated, terrible section that will greatly expand pay-to-play politics in North Carolina. This last-minute addition allows the top four legislative leaders to create political slush funds that can receive unlimited donations [...]

Data Highlight: US Supreme Court Rejects Aggressive Segregation

In March, the US Supreme Court ruled that maps drawn by Alabama lawmakers distorted the requirements of the Voting Rights Act by packing African Americans into a small number of districts. Today, the Court pointed to that decision and ordered the NC Supreme Court to reconsider a challenge to the maps drawn by the Republican-controlled [...]

Data Highlight: Let Students Vote

NC Rep. Larry Hall and several other state legislators have introduced House Bill 240, “Allow NC College ID to Meet Voter ID Requirement,” at this link: The law requiring voters to present a photo ID, beginning in 2016, has generated considerable controversy, as well as legal challenges in federal and state courts. Often lost [...]

LOD: Pope is No Dope

The Washington Post published a front-page story on Sunday about Art Pope’s unique role as both a powerful inside and outside player in a state’s politics. The writer drew on interviews and material from several groups across the political spectrum, including Democracy NC, for the profile and a clever chart of Pope’s network of influence. The article [...]